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Alastair Day - Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel. A Practical Guide for Business Calculations11.01.2017 17:56:48
Alastair Day - Mastering Risk Modeling with Excel11.01.2017 17:56:48
Anany Levitin - Introduction to the Design. Analysis of Algorithms 3rd Ed11.01.2017 17:56:48
Andrew Adams - Investment Mathematics11.01.2017 17:56:48
Antony Brabazon, Michael O'Neill - Biologically Inspired Algorithms for Financial Modeling11.01.2017 17:56:48
Benoit Mandelbrot, Richard Hudson - The Misbehavior of Markets11.01.2017 17:56:48
Bernard Harcourt - The Illusion of Free Markets11.01.2017 17:56:48
Brewster Kneen - Invisible Giant. Cargill and its Transnational Strategies 2nd Ed11.01.2017 17:56:48
Carley Garner, Paul Brittain - Commodity Options. Trading and Hedging Volatility in the World's Most Lucrative Market11.01.2017 17:56:48
Carter Hill, William Griffiths, Guay Lim - Principles of Econometrics11.01.2017 17:56:49
Chris Brooks - Introductory Econometrics for Finance (2nd Ed.)11.01.2017 10:14:12
Christodoulos Floudas, Panos Pardalos - Encyclopedia of Optimization 2nd Ed11.01.2017 17:56:49
Clay Allen - Winning The Performance Game11.01.2017 17:56:49
Cliff Ragsdale - Spreadsheet Modeling, Decision Making11.01.2017 17:56:49
Daniel Greene, Donald Knuth - Mathematics for the Analysis of Algorithms11.01.2017 17:56:49
Davis Folsom - Encyclopedia of American Business 2 Vol Set11.01.2017 17:56:49
Donald Waters - Quantitative Methods for Business 5th Ed11.01.2017 17:56:50
Donna Barker - How to do Everything with Google Tools11.01.2017 17:56:50
Durham Business School - Financial Risk Management11.01.2017 17:56:50
Economics Professors Favourite Economic Thinkers Journals & Blogs, May 201111.01.2017 17:56:50
Edwin Heave - Modern Financial Systems. Theory and Applications11.01.2017 17:56:50
Edwin Lefevre - Wall Street Stories11.01.2017 17:56:50
Enciclopedia Britannica. Book of the Year 201111.01.2017 17:56:50
Frank Fabozzi - Foundations of Economic Value Added (2nd Edition)11.01.2017 17:56:51
Frank Fabozzi - Handbook of Finance. Volume I. Markets and Instruments11.01.2017 17:56:51
Gary Gorton - Slapped by the Invisible Hand. The Panic of 200711.01.2017 17:56:51
Gavin Holmes - Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money ( 17:56:51
Glenn Hubbard, Antony Patrick O'Brien - Money, Banking, and The Financial System11.01.2017 17:56:52
Greg Gregoriou - Funds of Hedge Funds. Performance Assessment Diversification11.01.2017 17:56:52
Greg Gregoriou - Handbook of Short Selling11.01.2017 17:56:52
Hung-Gay Fung - Advances In International Investments11.01.2017 17:56:53
Iain Clark - Foreign Exchange Option Pricing. A Practitioner's Guide11.01.2017 17:56:53
James P.O'Shughnessy - Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow11.01.2017 17:56:53
James Rickards - Currency Wars. The Making of the Next Global Crisis, 201111.01.2017 17:56:53
James Stock, Mark Watson - Business Cycles. Indicators & Forecasting National Bureau of Economic Research11.01.2017 17:56:53
Jan Brinkhuis, Vkadimir Tikhomirov - Optimization. Insights and Applications11.01.2017 17:56:53
Jason Alan Jankovsky - Trading Rules that Work (Book, Audio, Video)11.01.2017 17:56:54
Jocelyn Pixley - Emotions in Finance. Distrust and Uncertainty in Global Markets11.01.2017 17:56:54
John Bogle - Common Sense on Mutual Funds 10 Ed11.01.2017 17:56:54
John Cochrane - Financial Markets and the Real Economy11.01.2017 17:56:54
John Freeman - Overview. Equity Portfolio Construction11.01.2017 17:56:54
John Mauldin, Jonathan Tepper - Endgame. The End of the Debt SuperCycle and How It Changes Everything11.01.2017 17:56:54
John TePaske - A New World of Gold and Silver11.01.2017 17:56:54
Joseph Schumpeter - Business Cycles. A Theoretical Historical and Statistic Analysis of the Capitalist Process11.01.2017 17:56:54
Josh DiPietro - The Truth About Day Trading Stocks11.01.2017 17:56:54
Justin Mamis - How To Buy11.01.2017 17:56:54
Justin Mamis - The Nature of Risk11.01.2017 17:56:55
K. Holden, D.A. Peel, J.L. Thompson - Economic Forecasting. An Introduction11.01.2017 17:56:55
K. Thulasirman, M.N.S. Swamy - Graphs. Theory and Algorithms11.01.2017 17:56:56
Karl-Heinz Becker, Michael Dorfler - Dynamical Systems and Fractals11.01.2017 17:56:56
Keith Allman, Josh Laurito, Michael Loh - Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel11.01.2017 17:56:56
Kevin Murphy, Brett Myors - Statistical Power Analysis11.01.2017 17:56:56
L.J.Jensen - The Locust Years after 194011.01.2017 17:56:56
Lawrence Lindsey - Economic Puppetmasters. Lessons from the Halls of Power11.01.2017 17:56:56
Leonard Mlodinow - The Drunkard's Walk11.01.2017 17:56:56
Louise McWhirter - Astrology & Stock Market Forecasting11.01.2017 17:56:56
M. Constantino, P. Colletti - Information Extraction in Finance11.01.2017 17:56:56
M. Costantino, C.A. Brebbia - Computational Finance and Its Applications II11.01.2017 17:56:56
Malcolm Kemp - Extreme Events. Robust Portfolio Construction in the Presence of Fat Tails11.01.2017 17:56:56
Marcel Link - High Probability Trading11.01.2017 17:56:56
Marcus du Sautoy - Symmetry. A Journey into the Patterns of Nature11.01.2017 17:56:57
Mark Joshi - C++ Design Patterns and Derivative Pricing (2nd edition)11.01.2017 17:56:57
Mark Leibovit - The Trader's Book of Volume11.01.2017 17:56:57
Mark Pinsky, Samuel Karlin - An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling 4th Ed11.01.2017 17:56:57
Michael Barnsley - Fractals Everywhere. The First Course in Deterministic Fractal Geometry11.01.2017 17:57:01
Michael Field, Martin Golubitsky - Symmetry in Chaos. A Search for Pattern in Mathematics. Art and Nature11.01.2017 17:57:01
Michael Hanson - 20-20 Money. See the Markets Clearly and Invest Better Than the Pros11.01.2017 17:57:02
Michael Martin - The Inner Voice of Trading11.01.2017 17:57:02
Milton Abramowitz, Irene Stegun - Handbook of Mathematical Functions11.01.2017 17:57:02
Parviz Nikravesh - Computer Aided Analysis of Mechanical Systems11.01.2017 17:57:02
Paul Krugman, Robin Wells - Macroeconomics11.01.2017 17:57:03
Paul McNelis - Neural Networks in Finance11.01.2017 17:57:03
Pete Googliffe - Code Craft. The Practice of Writing Excellent Code11.01.2017 17:57:03
Peter Bernstein - The Power of Gold11.01.2017 17:57:03
Peter Brockwell, Richard Davis - Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting 2th Ed11.01.2017 17:57:03
Peter Schaeffer - Commodity Modeling and Pricing. Methods for Analyzing Resource Market Behavior11.01.2017 17:57:03
Philip Ball - Branches. Nature's Patterns. A Tapestry in Three Parts11.01.2017 17:57:03
Ralph Acampora - The Fourth Mega-Market Now Through 201111.01.2017 17:57:03
Rama Cont - Frontiers in Quantitative Finance. Volatility & Credit Risk Modeling11.01.2017 17:57:03
Randall Holcombe - 15 Great Austrian Economists11.01.2017 17:57:03
Randall Holcombe - Quantitative Methods for Business. The A to Z of QM11.01.2017 17:57:03
Ricardo Rebonato, Kenneth McKay, Richard White - The SABR-LIBOR Market Model11.01.2017 17:57:03
Richard Dickson, Tracy Knudsen - Mastering Market Timing Using the Works of Lowry11.01.2017 17:57:03
Richard Horwitz - Hedge Fund Risk Fundamentals11.01.2017 17:57:03
Richard Marston - Portfolio Design. A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation11.01.2017 17:57:04
Richard Peterson - Inside the Investor's Brain. The Power of Mind Over Money11.01.2017 17:57:04
Robert Allen - Global Economic History11.01.2017 17:57:04
Robert Rotella - The Elements of Successful Trading11.01.2017 17:57:04
Robert Strong - Portfolio Construction, Management & Protection11.01.2017 17:57:06
Ross Beck - The Gartley Trading Method11.01.2017 17:57:06
Russell Wasendorf, Laura Sether - SFO Personal Investing Series11.01.2017 17:57:06
Sally Caldwell - Statistics Unplugged11.01.2017 17:57:06
Sankar Pal - Mathematical Programming and Game Theory for Decision Making11.01.2017 17:57:06
Satyajit Das - Extreme Money. Masters of the Universe & the Cult of Risk11.01.2017 17:57:06
Sean Martin - Alchemy & Alchemists11.01.2017 17:57:06
Stanley Kroll - Dragons and Bulls. Profitable Investment Strategies for Trading Stocks and Commodities11.01.2017 17:57:06
Stephen Ross - Corporate Finance. 8th Ed11.01.2017 17:57:07
Steve Keen - Debunking Economics. The Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences11.01.2017 17:57:07
Steven Roman - Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance. From Risk Management to Options Pricing11.01.2017 17:57:07
Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig - Artificial Intelligence. A Modern Approach11.01.2017 17:57:07
Tessaleno Devezas - Kondratieff Waves. Warfare & World Security. Volume 5 NATO Security11.01.2017 17:57:07
Timothy Urdan - Statistics in Plain English11.01.2017 17:57:08
Toichiro Asadra, Peter Flaschel, etc - Asset Markets, Portfolio Choice and Macroeconomics Activity11.01.2017 17:57:08
Udayan Gupta - Done Deals11.01.2017 17:57:08
Vijay Singal - Beyond the Random Walk. A Guide to Stock Market Anomalies and Low-Risk Investing11.01.2017 17:57:08
Vitaliy Katsenelson - The Little Book of Sideways Markets11.01.2017 17:57:08
Vladimir Cherkassky, Filip Mulier - Learning from Data. Concepts, Theory & Methods11.01.2017 17:57:08
Wilhelm Hankel, Robert Isaak - Brave New World Economy11.01.2017 17:57:08

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