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Website11.01.2017 12:03:01
10-Trading patterns mentioned in Videos.mp416.5 M24.12.2016 3:06:29
1-Master Time Factor Introduction.mp42.8 M24.12.2016 2:06:56
2-Gann Square of Price and Astrology.mp416.0 M24.12.2016 2:53:08
3-The WD Gann Trading Campaign.mp438.8 M24.12.2016 3:30:31
4-Fixed Cycles.mp415.1 M24.12.2016 3:07:31
5-Repeating Recreating Aspects Simple.mp415.1 M24.12.2016 2:44:41
6-Observational plus Hidden Cycles.mp428.0 M24.12.2016 3:06:36
7-Repeating Plus Hidden Cycles.mp47.4 M24.12.2016 2:22:45
8-Long wave cycles large planets repeating or linked.mp418.7 M24.12.2016 2:45:56
9-Astro Tools.mp421.5 M24.12.2016 3:05:14
MTFSP.pdf1.4 M03.11.2014 6:25:37

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