Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
Front Matter
Add View 4 pp. Preface
1. Basic Concepts of the Finite Element Method
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2. Stiffness Matrices, Spring and Bar Elements
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3. Truss Structures: The Direct Stiffness Method
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4. Flexure Elements
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5. Method of Weighted Residuals
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6. Interpolation Functions for General Element Formulation
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7. Applications in Heat Transfer
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8. Applications in Fluid Mechanics
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9. Applications in Solid Mechanics
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10. Structural Dynamics
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Back Matter
Add View 8 pp. Appendix A: Matrix Mathematics
Add View 8 pp. Appendix B: Equations of Elasticity
Add View 10 pp. Appendix C: Solution Techniques for Linear Algebraic Equations
Add View 3 pp. Appendix D: The Finite Element Personal Computer Program
Add View 12 pp. Appendix E: Problems for Computer Solution
Add View 7 pp. Index

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